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Am I Doing A Good Parenting Job?

Did a teacher ever ask you to grade your own schoolwork? Or did you have a chance to say what grade you thought you earned in a course? Some students would say they thought they should get an A. Others would be more modest. They might say a B. Almost no one would choose to get an F. What would you have said? What if someone asked what grade you should get as a parent? Do you think you deserve an A? Do you think you are an average C parent? Does it depend on what day it is? Some days you might feel like a total failure as a parent. Many parents do. Other days you might feel like a total parenting success. Does it depend on which child you are caring for? Studies Show That… It is important to feel good about yourself as a parent....

Skills Children Learn When Playing

You probably have heard the saying “leave no child behind.” That saying is related to giving every child an education. It talks about giving all children a chance to succeed. But “leave no child inside?” What does that mean? Leave No Child Inside is about children and the outdoors. An organization called the Children and Nature Network ( started this saying. Have your children been outside today? Were they outside yesterday? How often do they go outside? I don’t mean just walking to the car. I mean spending time outside to play, explore, and be active. Do they like to go outside? Do you worry about the weather? What is “good” weather to go outside? When is it too hot or too cold for children?...

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