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How to Start Your Business While Welcoming a Newborn

Welcoming a baby while starting your business means balancing responsibilities daily. On one hand, you need to ensure your business is working smoothly. While on the other hand, you're catering to your baby’s needs. In this article, Online Parenting Programs explores five useful tips you can follow to balance time, finances, and wellbeing between your family and business. Set Achievable GoalsA common reason for failure among small businesses is inefficient planning. While making your business plan set realistic timelines, funding requirements, and revenue projections. While it’s good to be ambitious, chasing unrealistic goals will set you up for failure. Additionally, take into account that during infancy, babies need...

Tips for Working from Home with Your Toddler or Baby

Maybe you're choosing to work from home to ensure you and your family have two incomes. On the other hand, maybe you had no other choice because your employer required it right now. Either way, if you have a toddler or baby, working from home is no easy feat. However, with these tips from, you can make the most of it.  Naptime Is a SaviorWhen your child is young, they tend to nap at least twice a day. Use those times to work on any projects or responsibilities that require your undivided attention.  Forget the Normal 9-to-5 ScheduleIf you have a job that gives you the flexibility or you are a freelancer, throw the traditional 9-to-5 schedule out the window. Instead, plan to work around your child...

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