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Tips for Working from Home with Your Toddler or Baby

Maybe you’re choosing to work from home to ensure you and your family have two incomes. On the other hand, maybe you had no other choice because your employer required it right now. Either way, if you have a toddler or baby, working from home is no easy feat. However, with these tips from, you can make the most of it. 

Naptime Is a Savior
When your child is young, they tend to nap at least twice a day. Use those times to work on any projects or responsibilities that require your undivided attention. 

Forget the Normal 9-to-5 Schedule
If you have a job that gives you the flexibility or you are a freelancer, throw the traditional 9-to-5 schedule out the window. Instead, plan to work around your child whenever you can. This may mean you answer emails or complete work after your child goes to sleep. It could even mean that you alter your sleep schedule a bit to coincide with when your child gets up. You may stay up later, go to bed later, and wake up later. 

Further Your Education
While you’re working from home, you may want to go back to school. Ultimately, you can find work outside the home in the future or make more money. If you make more money, you may choose to work fewer hours to be more accessible to the kids.

You could earn an online degree. Some programs let you work at your own pace so you can earn your degree around raising your family and working. Teaching is one option, and you can join this field by earning a bachelor’s degree and then obtaining your teaching license. You’d still be able to work from home in some cases, but you’d also have the option to re-enter the workplace.

Use Carriers and Playpens to Your Advantage 
Whether you’re a writer who needs to finish an article by a deadline or you have a meeting to attend, you can use a playpen or carrier to your advantage. You may think it sounds cruel, but by limiting your child’s movement, you can ensure they stay safe while you’re busy. 

Plan Screen Time Carefully
If you have screen time limits for your infant or toddler, you should plan the time carefully. Coordinate screen time around your work schedule so your child’s occupied when you have to work. 

Get Used to Interruptions
At work, you only have to focus on your job. Therefore, you become accustomed to getting one task done after another. You may have minor interruptions, but they may be few and far between.

When you work from home, you need to get used to interruptions. Learn to keep your cool, address the interruption, and go back to work. 

The Mute Button Is Your Friend
If you don’t have a headset with a mute button, invest in one. Infants and toddlers are like time bombs, only without the time. They may go off whenever; therefore,  you should always hit the mute button anytime you’re not the speaker. 

Working from Home Can Work for You
Use whatever you can to your advantage when you work from home with a baby. Additionally, you may want to consider going back to school while you’re at home, especially if you’re navigating the world of co-parenting. See what’s available on today.

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